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Attention - YouTube Upload Problems

If you have upload problems with YouTube, so please upgrade to last version of FartPranks via Google Play. Click link bellow on phone:
- Latest version of FartPranks Z4Z Lite
- Latest version of FartPranks Z4Z Pro


Use Fart Pranks Z4Z to record pranks with your teachers, friends and family. Surprise them and set loud farting traps.
This ultimate "Fart Machine" has a lot of farting-features and allows Video recording with YouTube sharing:

Just try it out and you will love it!


Play list

It is a simple possibility to play the fart sounds. Just choose categoriy and play a sound by pushing "play" button. Use "long click" on list to start "Send fart" and "Set as ring tone".

Send fart (email, Bluetooth)

You like one or more fart sounds? Send it via email or Blutooth to your friends.

Choose at the starter page button " Send fart". Hier you can replay all fart sounds and choose one you want to send. Then push button "send" and you will get menu "Fart via Mail and Bluetooth" with the program list. Just choose one of them you want use.

Set as ring tone

Set your favorite fart as a fancy ringtone! It works in a same way like "send fart": Just choose your category and sound you like to set as ring tone by pushing button "ring tone".

Record video pranks

This is the most interesting feature of Fart Pranks Z4Z. To record your own fart prank just push the record button. Now you can surprise your "victims". During the recording press the fart button and play our randomly choosed fart sounds. With the back-button you will get the list with your own pranks.

What can you do now?

You can play your video by "short click"

And with "long click" you have the choice to:

1. Edit the name or description of your video pranks (will be shown on YouTube)

2. Delete video

3. Share video prank on YouTube (see below).

Share your prank on YouTube

Share your best pranks with your friends. Load them up into youtube prank list and become famous!
As far as you have clicked on "Share on YouTube" your video will be uploaded to our community list on YouTube.
It takes a few minutes, till the video is uploaded and shown in "Community pranks tab" (If you can't see your video just restart application).
Please regard the Community Guidlines from YouTube, other way your video will be deleted.

Push pocket fart

Comfortable way to trigger a fart sound at the certain moment. In contrast to the simple play list, you can release fart sound without viewing mobile phone screen. Just choose one mobile phone button you like (except "BACK and HOME") and push it. Now you can use this trigger button to play fart sounds. Nowbody will know where the sound comes from!

Shake pocket fart

Heer you can set up sensitivity and volume. Push "activate button" and put your mobile phone into your pocket. Now try to move yourself. Farting by dancing or walking can be really funny!

Time trap

Set timer, put your mobile phone somewhere (e.g. under the mom's chair) and wait. Random fart sounds will be released.

Look to it that the sound is loud enought.

Shake trap

Your colleagues are curious about your phone calls or sms? Chase them away with the shake trap. Sound will be released, as far as someone touches your phone. You can set up volume.

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